From coast to coast

We are inspired by the best from the Swedish west coast and the American east coast and we are certain that excellent produce in the hands of skilled chefs come together to create a unique dining experience. The right ingredients can result in amazing little masterpieces in terms of flavors and plating, we love to give even the most classic dishes an unexpected twist. 

We are always curious to test new dishes and unique flavor combinations. Our chefs aim to serve you dishes that will bring a smile to your face! 


  1. Mon - Sat

For parties of more than 10 people, we would like you to pre-order your menu.



  1. Tue - Fri



Brunch Club

CLOSED. Opens again September 14th.

Every Saturday and Sunday, we invite you to experience a luxurious array of brunch dishes and a magnificent dessert spread inspired by Willy Wonka. Explore our generous selection of classic brunch dishes with an American twist and treat yourself to something extra. 

On Saturdays we run a festive brunch where the music is part of the experience with sweet beats, DJ and a lovely vibrating atmosphere.
On Sundays, the music is a bit more laid back but with the same amazing brunch setup.

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Opening ours

  1. Monday - Friday
  2. Saturday - Sunday