A unique selection of American wines

The menu reflects both season and quality, accompanied by fantastic wines that elegantly bridge the gap between our Swedish West Coast and the American East Coast. Norda boasts one of Sweden's foremost wine cellars when it comes to American wines.

We can proudly say that our wine list offers the largest array of wines from Oregon. Outside of Oregon, of course. Pinot Noir is the most cultivated grape in Oregon, and we hope you will appreciate our wide assortment of delicious Pinot Noir wines as much as we do.

Of course, you will also find European classics and alcohol-free alternatives on the menu.

Choose a favorite wine tasting theme, grab at least six friends who like wine and let our wonderful sommelier Mattia guide you through the fantastic world of wine. During the wine tasting, cheese and charcuterie with accommodations will be served.

Age is just a number. it's totally irrelevant, unless of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine.

Joan Collins

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